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Oct 25, 2012. Step 1: select "Page Info" from the list of backlink factors and proceed – this will let you check the anchor URLs of the backlinks in your project, i.e., find out which page. If your page is a video hosted on you should make sure the URL of your video doesn't contain any additional parameters.

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Jun 20, 2016. Understanding YouTube's priorities will help you create a channel with greater potential to rank in YouTube & Google search. With so many perks, it's no wonder people choose to post their videos on YouTube versus other platforms like Vimeo or Vine. Embeds are like backlinks, but stronger. People.

Blogging is a surefire way to get quality links. According to HubSpot, businesses with a consistent blogging habit get up to 97% more inbound links. But, if you’re.

Celebrity gossip queen Perez Hilton said he’s unlikely to post videos on YouTube any longer and instead will probably host them on his own site, The blogger and the biggest video-sharing service are feuding after.

My daughter watches so many YouTube tutorials and. passwords and we would always go check their accounts, and I mean, they were really little. I don’t know if they knew we knew,” Kardashian said. RELATED VIDEO: Kim Kardashian.

Most networks make a diligent effort to keep pirated videos of their content off Google-owned YouTube. "We regularly monitor and require YouTube to take down pirated program materials," said a Univision spokesperson. "It is.

YouTube superstar PewDiePie is known for his his bombastic personality and unfiltered opinions on video games — and his latest social media flare-up may have unintended consequences for the games industry at large. Earlier this month,

Learn how to deal with SEO in Youtube. This Youtube SEO Guide is all you need to rank for your target keywords for your video. or entertaining it is to people. Check out and how the delivery of their video dragged their Youtube SEO upwards without even targeting any real keyword but their brand:.

You can use it multiple ways: 1) Boost up your backlinks: Sometimes you get a link with nice domain authority, but it's a brand new page with low authority. You can use HOTH Boost to power up that page and deliver more juice to your website! 2) Rank secondary properties: Want to rank a Youtube video, Facebook page,

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So, there are a lot of kids – or at least there were circa 2012 / 2013 – on the hunt for Cars-related videos on YouTube. And so there were a lot of parents. Bung Cars 2 into YouTube, check out the first 20 seconds or so of the video, and you’d.

A Youtube account operated by Gavin Eugene Long and discovered by The Daily Caller reveals key insight into what.

Perhaps one of the best examples of a video that generated a massive amount of backlinks is the “viral” video from (above). About a year ago, One last thing: To get the full SEO potential of your videos, consider hosting videos on your own website (instead of Youtube or Vimeo). The reason for this.

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Even more importantly, he manages to create videos that are surprisingly detailed without dragging. Kipkay is easily one of the more popular DIY YouTube channels out there. Entertaining and educating viewers with a wide range of tips,

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Summary. AuthorityLabs Backline Checker will help you look for backlinks to a domain, URL or partial URL on explicit pages. It will also help you keep track of your most valuable links and make sure they're still linking to you.

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YouTube is experimenting with inline ads, showing a text ad at the bottom of its player as a video is playing. If a user clicks on the text, a video ad expands and appears layered on top of the player. The ads are also clickable from a.

SAN FRANCISCO — Internet search leader Google is snapping up YouTube for $1.65 billion, brushing aside copyright concerns to seize a starring role in the online video revolution. The all-stock deal announced Monday unites one of the.