Yoast Seo Duplicate Meta Data

At the very least, you should fill out the keywords field – this will override the site keyword settings that you’ve configured above, and it’ll fill in the meta keywords field with the targeted keywords you’ve defined here. To get more SEO punch.

Jul 31, 2017. And at any rate, the tables match the definition in admin/class-meta-storage.php. WordPress 4.8.2. Yoast SEO Version: 5.7.1. Every time I create a new post: Database error: Duplicate entry '4937' for key 'object_id' INSERT INTO wp_yoast_seo_meta ( object_id , incoming_link_count ) VALUES (4937, '0').

Not only could these SEO tips for article optimization assist writers in 2015, but also editors, content production managers, and other online publication specialists in their own job-related endeavors.

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Too much duplicate content can result in a search engine penalty. If you have. When I started using Yoast SEO there was huge growth in traffic and there were many posts which had 1st ranking on the Google search result page. Add Open Graph meta data for Facebook and Pinterest and Add Twitter card meta data.

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The definitive guide to Search and Social Meta Tags you should be using in 2013.

SEO Keyword Research Tool. Use the SEO Keyword Tool to generate a list of relevant keyword suggestions and synonyms related to your topic / keyword. Submit a single.

You probably already know that Google uses about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm… But what the heck are they? Well today you’re in for a treat because I.

Let's check out the features: Free Version Yoast SEO Features List: 1 focus keyword and content analysis; Google Preview; Post title and Meta description; Robots meta configuration; Readability check; Breadcrumbs and Canonicals; XML Sitemaps; Duplicate content checker; RSS enhancements. Paid Version Yoast SEO.

This is the most in-depth and detailed guide to WordPress SEO you can find online.

Nov 16, 2015. Learn how to do a full scale WordPress SEO audit in 8 simple steps to ensure that your WordPress website is fully optimized for search engines. First, get data to analyze. Before you. Screaming Frog – useful for evaluating onsite SEO elements like page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, URLs and more.

Aug 14, 2013. The best way to avoid this or similar problems is monitoring your data. So here are my three tips to keep your website Google friendly. When working On-Page be careful with the settings you are using on Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. Don't forget to review Titles & Metas tab and check the “no index, follow”.

Mar 14, 2013. How to make the Thesis Theme work with Yoast's popular SEO plugin WordPress SEO, by adding code to detect the plugin and disable native meta tag generation. Unfortunately, if you attempt to activate this plugin whilst using the Thesis Theme, you will have the problem of duplicate meta tags. You see.

Hi I'm using Yoast SEO and Yoast Video SEO on a Thai / English site with WPML and WPML string translation, for some reason I'm getting Facebook O.

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Even the custom meta description for WordPress SEO (which should be independent) does not appear to retain the data when saving the page. not only do you have to sacrifice the advanced features of the page builder, you constantly run into the problem of duplicate content (an SEO no-no from even a.

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You can do this on the CMS pages by including an accurate description on the Meta Data. duplicate content, increasing download speed, properly coding and optimizing your templates. The key here is creating as lean and mean.

When you move your site to ssl, you have to adjust your settings in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console accordingly. It’s not much work, but.

WordPress SEO by Yoast WordPress SEO by Yoast is my favorite SEO plugin for. so all the more reason to make sure your website is as fast as it can be. 7. Category SEO Meta Tags Category SEO Meta Tags was specifically designed.

Feb 12, 2015. This column isn't a step-by-step guide to WordPress SEO, but will address some of the frequent questions I'm asked about SEO for WordPress websites. If you have the resources, time and capacity to deal with hosting, upgrades, backing up data and restoring the site, get a virtual private server (VPS) and.